Traveling with Your Pet? Here’s How to Do it Right

The assumption that many people have is that traveling with a pet is supremely difficult. Others think it’s impossible. However, traveling with a pet can be exciting and fun. You just need to know the right way to do it. Today, many people are traveling with their pets all over the world. The travel industry has already adapted to the growing demands of travelers. That’s why it’s easier to travel with a pet to most parts of the world today than it was some years back. Here’s how to do it right.

Research Animal Quarantine and Import Rules

The country you intend to travel to with your pet may have imposed animal restrictions and quarantine rules. You can search for the export requirements’ database from the U.S Department of Agriculture. Every country has rules that govern how people travel with pets. Cats and dogs from abroad are allowed in most countries. However, some countries restrict the entry of rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other pets. Some breeds of cats and dogs are also restricted in some countries. You need to research these restrictions as well as arrival procedures before you travel.

Ask Your Airline

Apart from the custom paperwork, you should ensure that your airline will allow you to board the plane with your pet. There are rules for domestic airlines about the animal size, age, and documentation requirements. However, you can also find a pet-friendly international airline. You will most likely be charged a fee when you fly with a pet in the cargo hold or cabin. Representatives of the airline can also ask you to provide the medical records of your pet before they allow it onboard. It’s also important to read the airline’s policy on service animal travels. The best approach is to talk to your airline directly. Don’t just assume that you will be allowed to travel with your pet.

Get a Signature from Your Vet

You need to get the health certificates and records of your pet signed by your vet before you travel. This is important whether it’s a requirement at your travel destination, by your airline, or even both. Note that these regulations vary. In some countries, a basic letterhead record issued by a licensed vet will be required. However, some countries demand official records with original USDA-Accredited Vet and APHIS medical officer signatures. Talk to your vet about this because they may have helped other clients when traveling with their pets.

Mitigate Stress for Your Pet

You may focus on fulfilling the official requirements for traveling with a pet and filling the paperwork to the extent of forgetting that traveling can be hard on the pet. If your pet is not sufficiently small to fit under the airplane’s seat that you book, they will fly in the plane’s cargo hold. This can be stressful and dangerous if your pet has respiratory problems because they can have difficulties breathing. What’s more, a long flight means your pet won’t have food, comfort, and exercise for hours. Therefore, find out how you can mitigate travel stress for your pet. In addition to these tips, prepare with the right accessories and carrier. Plan well and make proper arrangements. Also, carry any special equipment you may need to ensure a safe and comfortable trip with your pet.

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